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Walking down in Ubud for me feels just similar to another part of crowd attracting spot in Bali but with more eclectic vibe. Of all the store I passed and did not care because of the similarities of one with another, one store manage to halt me for about 30 minutes inside it. It’s KOU Cuisine. 

KOU Cuisine mostly sell jams in variety of flavor. Mango, apple cinnamon, caramel, grape & buni jam and so on. All the jams is packaged simply in a shabby chic style, white label and fabric covered lid. I don’t know how, but I bet this brand and store attract mostly Asian tourist. 

I brought home mango jam which taste ok, and apple cinnamon jam which I think is good because I always love apple cinnamon and I haven’t found apple cinnamon jam in a standard grocery store in Jakarta. I regret not buying the caramel jam, I bet it is good. 

Later on, I found out that KOU Cuisine only have stores in Ubud, no other area. If I am going to visit Ubud, I’ll make sure I bought all the jams. Anyone visiting Ubud should give this store a visit, the store fused with sweetness and happiness which you’ll bring home some.

—Fryza Pavitta

Bali, Indonesia

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